Passwork is suitable for companies of all sizes and is available through web browsers, mobile devices, and browser extensions. KeePass is an open-source password-safe tool that is easy to use and light-weight. You can store all types (FTP, SMTP, Console, Firewall, Website, Members, etc.) of a password.

Looking online for the best password management software for your business? Acquire the listing of top password management software solutions by the research team of GoodFirms with verified reviews and ratings. All in all, having a robust password management system that abides by cyber laws is the ultimate need for every company. So, if you are in need of enterprise password management solutions, just go through the below rundown of top password management tools and select one confidently.


Overall, Enpass belongs on our best password managers list, but it’s not our top pick. NordPass comes from the security-conscious folks at NordVPN and offers all the password-manager basics, even on its free tier. It’s also got a simple, consistent design that’s easy to navigate and use and biometric login support for desktop apps. The paid version adds unlimited syncing among all devices, support for physical two-factor-authentication keys, 1GB of online file storage, dark-web monitoring of your accounts and access to premium tech support.

Password managers will store all of your company’s login details in a secure ecosystem designed to make everything easier, safer, and more convenient. They point out security flaws in protocols and highlight weak and compromised passwords. Some, like Keeper, even alert you to data breaches that contain company-compromising information. I also like RoboForm’s security reporting feature, which assigns an overall security score to each team member based on the strength of their passwords. RoboForm scans each user’s vault for weak or compromised passwords that need changing.

Added Features

This kind of centralized password manager is critical for enhancing password security. It lets you create more complex passwords, and change them more often, so your customers’ information is better protected. With password management software, MSPs can keep both administrative and privileged passwordsmore secure. Enterprises need to ensure strict password security standards across a large number of employees. A password manager automatically generates individual, complex passwords to help keep user accounts and business data secure.

This gives IT teams full visibility into the use of decentralized passwords across their organization. Dashlane features a secure AES 256-bit encrypted password vault, with an additional Argon2d encryption setting for added latency and stronger security against brute force attacks. Via the platform’s Authenticator tool in the Dashlane mobile app, users can set up 2FA for all the accounts in their Dashlane vault, making it easier to store and share 2FA tokens securely. Automatic breach alerts immediately notify users if a hacker attempts to breach their vault, and the dark web scanning tool searches the internet for stolen credentials. The best business password managers, like 1Password and Dashlane, offer a wide array of features. These include both basic password management features like auto-saving and auto-login and advanced features like login security audits and secure password sharing.

Security Reports

The user needs to provide the login credentials and a security token sent via text or application to their device. Privileged Access Management extends to non-human account credentials, such as those needed for applications and services to run. Application password management is critical because those credentials are not tied to a human. As such, they are more difficult to track and can sometimes be found in plain text in the code, applications, and services where they are needed. It’s critical to store these credentials in a high-speed vault so they are managed, monitored, and removed according to your security policies.

business password management platform

And if transparency is important to you, several of our picks are open-source projects. We also look at what a password manager is, its security features and the basics of how to use one. Dashlane Password Manager provides companies with everything they need to onboard new employees, manage permissions and monitor security issues all from one place. Dashlane Premium also includes advanced features such as SAML-based single sign-on, unlimited password sharing, password changer, VPN for Wi-Fi protection, secure file storage, dark web monitoring and priority support. While Keeper has customer-facing apps, it’s definitely an enterprise-first product.

You should also consider installing a security suite, many of which also include password managers. It’s also important to make sure that all your security software works. Most password managers can also fill in personal or company data on web forms, which is more secure and less prone to errors than typing in information manually.

Android Password Manager

The easiest and safest way for individuals, teams, and business organizations to store, share, and sync sensitive data. When you reuse the same passwords everywhere hackers can easily access your email, bank, and other important accounts. Security experts recommend that you use a different, randomly generated password for every online account that you create. But how are you supposed to remember and keep up with that many passwords? Bitwarden Password Manager helps you create and manage secure passwords so that you can get back to enjoying your life online.

The product has been rock solid for the many years I’ve used it and the personal version before. Their support is second to none and they are very friendly and attentive . I am a administrator as well as user, its used for users to reset password on our own and able to set complex password also. There is a good learning curve with this product, and though technical data is readily available, it seemed to be lacking some key details for our deployment. That being said, technical support is quick to answer and help with any issues and questions that may arise. Additional add-ons are also available such as BreachWatch which scans the dark web and alerts users when any of their credentials are found.

Secure your passwords, finances, identity documents and other sensitive data. Still need more info on what password managers are, and why they’re better than the alternatives? While the perfect color palette or the most sublime button shading or myriad of other design features play an important role in any product’s success, user interface design is not enough.

The 2019 Google Online Security Survey found 52 percent of respondents reused the same password for multiple accounts. Stateless password management systems randomly generate passwords using a master pass phrase and a key derivation function. This website is using a security service to protect itself from online attacks.

business password management platform

It offers one-time-use credit-card numbers for online purchases, different email addresses for every online service you sign up for, and even a second phone number for when you don’t want to reveal your real one. It offers a consistent, if not flashy, user interface no matter which platform you’re using, and just recently added password management enterprise 20 templates to fill in personal documents such as passports and driver’s licenses. Keeper’s free tier gives you everything except syncing among devices. It also has excellent stand-alone browser extensions for Brave, Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Safari. They work directly with web browsers and now support biometric logins.

Password Boss is an intuitive password manager that offers an easy-to-use admin dashboard and a good range of features. When I tested Password Boss, I found it easy to navigate around the admin dashboard and onboard new team members. Setting security policies was also straightforward, and I had no issue connecting Microsoft Active Directory and Azure. However, I would like to see more AD and SSO integration options, including Okta . 1Password, Dashlane, and other top brands include Okta integration.

You want your data protected and personal information secured, which means it’s risky to rely on weak passwords like a family member’s name and a simple sequence like 1234 or abcd. The people looking to steal your information are pros at password cracking, so you need to be just as diligent in defending your accounts. Bravura Pass is available on laptops, smartphones, and more, with support for 130+ types of systems and applications. Administrators can manage enrollment and allow users to set up their own account with security questions, phone numbers, and email addresses for secure identity verification. Dashlane comes with an easy-to-use reporting dashboard for business users, which shows your team’s overall password health score, as well as the number of passwords that are weak, reused, or compromised. You can onboard team members and manage permissions using the Admin Console, while employees can keep their business and personal passwords separate using the Smart Spaces feature.

This means that your master password along with all of your other stored passwords and data are encrypted at the device level and never accessible to the password manager or any other outside party. So even if a password manager did get hacked, an attacker would not be able to access the contents of your vault. This nicely designed password manager lacks a free version, but you can check it out for 14 days before signing up. A travel mode lets you remove your 1Password sensitive data from your device when you travel and then restore it with one easy click when you return, so that it’s not vulnerable to border checks. Meanwhile, the Families plan gives you six individual accounts, shared folders and a dashboard for managing the family accounts and keeping an eye on your account’s security.

You can use it with most major operating systems and browsers, as well as on mobile devices. All plans include unlimited password storage and device syncing, and support for most major browsers, mobile devices, and desktop operating systems. You can also import your existing passwords from .csv files, and store notes and other important data. The Enterprise plan costs $4 per user per month, and comes with several additional features, such as role-based access controls, Active Directory Integration, and more. You’ll also get 1 GB of encrypted file storage and priority technical support.

Shared Administrative Password Management

Many new generation companies prefer this model, since it doesn’t cost them much on infrastructure, setup, and maintenance. Licensing will be based on the number of users, who will be billed either monthly or annually. Passwords are the first line of defense for your online accounts. Password hygiene is a set of best-practices that individuals and companies should follow to protect their data and stay secure.


This password management software empowers administrators with powerful logging and reporting features that simplify monitoring password-related activities and correct abnormalities. Accessible in the Chrome Web Store, LastPass is a free password manager that will auto-login to all your sites and sync all your passwords under one “master” password. You can add credit card information to LastPass to checkout online faster, and even attach important documents, images, or PDFs. Best of all, LastPass is free to use on any phone, laptop, or tablet, and you can install the extension on all your computers, so you can save and keep track of important information across all devices. The most valuable feature of Delinea Secret Server is secret password management.Number one is the password vault; it’s very good. Number two, they have a feature for remote desktops that are created on a per session basis, which is very good for security.

Assuming one gets past the account creation phase, you’re going to promptly forget the Enigma machine cypher you just made and resign yourself to using the “Forgot Password? When they perform a discovery, you know everything there is about a server, including what software is installed. For example, if you want to group all of your database servers together, you can do that by using discovery and Smart Rules. If a server has Microsoft SQL installed, it gets put into a group based on a Smart Rule. It makes it very easy to determine what is what in your environment.

You may even use a personal one , but choosing a personal password manager versus choosing one for an entire organization can be a bit trickier. Looking for the right password management fit for your organization? These eight options all have something to offer, and one may be the best fit for you.

On top of that, it has two-factor authentication for its users for extra safety. It has a user-friendly, clean interface, and allows users to share their login credentials. If you pay $24 per year, you’ll also have 24/7 support and the ability to backup data. You can’t simply manage enterprise passwords manually and expect to have visibility and control or keep pace with changes in your organization.

Fortunately, there are many highly secure, innovative, and affordable password managers for business solutions around. In this guide, we round up the best business password managers currently available. We compared these business password managers on their pricing structures, interface, ease of use, and overall robustness of security. We also noted their security offerings, like end-to-end encryption, multi-factor authentication, and TLS protocols, among other aspects.

The IT divisions of some of the World’s largest organizations and Fortune 500 companies rely on Password Manager Pro to control access to their IT infrastructure. Over 300,000 IT admins and end users log in to Password Manager Pro on a typical day and manage millions of privileged passwords. As your organization’s cybersecurity needs increase in scale and complexity, Keeper will be there for you. From the data center to the front office, Keeper delivers the ultimate in enterprise security and cyberthreat prevention. Protect access to applications, systems, secrets and IT resources with a zero-trust and zero-knowledge architecture.

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